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To build long lasting wealth investors with money prefer to invest in a tangible investments such as properties.  Being a property investor myself, I know exactly what you are looking for and how you evaluate your bottom line.

Past member of CFRI – Central Florida Realty Investors group and IRC – Investors Resource Center, networking with members, attending SIGs – Special Interest Groups, I have gained real, practical knowledge and experience in providing this service to my investors.  Have takien several courses such as How to Find a Jewel in the Rough, to “Junker to Jewel”, How to do a Short Sale, Property buying, Renting, Managing, and so on…..

In the recent past I had purchased a 3/1 and converted into a 5/3 and was collecting weekly rent of $99 by the rooms.  So I was collecting nearly $500 a week making a monthly income of $2000 on an average.  If this does not prove it to you that I understand Investors, call me to talk more about your goals and objectives.

These are some photos of before and after of a 3 Bedroom Condo in Maitland FL.

Some property renovation done by me:

  • Paint – find the painter who can do everything about dry walls, fix holes, cracks, replace bad sections etc and ofcourse paint may be two coats or more.
  • Carpet – remove old one, find the right type of carpet for the purpose (short – medium – long term), get the right type of padding and get it installed.
  • Upgrade Kitchen – replace counter tops with granite – choose latest style, color and design of granite, select one, remove old counter tops, replace with new granite.  Ensure installation is proper as expected.
  • Replace Kitchen Cabinets – Find the best style, color, and size to match the granite and other accessories including handles and knobs – dispose off old ones and replace them with the new ones.
  • Work with Condo Management Personal
  • Market property
  • Find and Screen prospective tenants
  • Move tenants in and work with them to ensure that they are happy and the Investor is also happy
  • Report to Investors on a regular basis to give updates on property, tenant, neighborhood, market trend and rent collected etc.
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