Pricing Your Property

Find out what is Intelligent Pricing.

What is Intelligent Pricing?

When you are ready to put a property on the market, the big question is what price should you put it at?  If your agent (or you want) price it too high, the property can sit on the market for too long.  So how do you price it?  Well there is an Intelligent Pricing Formula.

When you are ready to list the property, give us a call and we will go over that process so that we can sell it quickly and get you the most money in your pocket.  Call us at 407-592-3309 or 1-844-277-3377.

The advantages of Intelligent Pricing are:

  • Higher Net
  • Attract Better Offers
  • Faster Sale (less risk of making the property “STALE”)
  • Less stress for the home seller
  • Mostly it will be WITHIN Lender Appraised Value