Have you had any of the following situations?

We combine the Real Estate and Financial Planning aspects and assist you in structuring the deal to achieve your goals.

Call us for a FREE 30 minute professional consultation, without obligation.

  • Not sure whether to sell your home now

    You have been thinking for a while whether the time is right or not and not sure what to do.  Just call for a FREE 30 minute professional consultation without obligation.

  • Thinking of purchasing a Second Home

    You have been thinking of buying a second home in say Florida, Arizona or California and need to know how to structure a deal and analyze the pros and cons, call 407-592-3309 for a FREE 30 minute professional consultation, without obligation.

  • Need for Income

    You are in a situation where all your money is locked in the house, as they say house rich but cash poor – we have a solution for you!

  • Thinking of Down Sizing

    Kids have grown up, moved out, its just of 2 of you and the house is too big for you and you want to preserve the monthly cash outflow and save for the retirement.  We have the right solution for you.  Hear our story of how couples have benefited by our program and make your own judgement.

  • Moving Closer to the Family

    In some cases you had everyone close to you but now they have moved away.  So you think how about moving closer to them and enjoy the grand children or have children be close enough that they are there when you need them (you are getting older and walking slow etc.)

  • Distressed Sale

    You are upside down, you tried everything and not working, there is a better way to handle it without the fear of foreclosure, bankruptcy etc.  Find out how.

  • Need for Cash

    You want cash from the house and you want to keep the house as well – Can you do that?  Yes you can —- Let us explain with some real examples that makes sense.  Call us for a 30 min FREE No obligation professional consultation.